Trouble Weekend (english project)

I was disappointed when I was informed that I had to spend my whole weekend with them. I was looking forward to getting a different job than this but fate had other plans. Instead I had to spend my whole weekend with the nightmares of the country. The Harold twins, or ‘Little Devils’ as people have started to name them…

How I got into this job? Because no one would take a 14 year old girl who had skipped grades till she reached university at the age of 10 seriously and be kind enough to give her a job. The last option I had to resort to was babysitting. I was dreaming of having my own lab but for that I need money, or prove people that they are wrong, that a child could do so much more then they could ever think!

I became a genius because I had been a bookworm ever since I could remember and have been anti-social all the time which gave me more time to study.

I sighed as I opened the gate that lead towards the garden which belonged to the mansion the twins lived in with their rich family. ‘At least some people have it easy…’ I thought as I caught sight of the two twins seating together by the fountain and looking at me with big brown eyes. Both of them looked identical but I knew that twins could have different volume of voices and that kind of stuff. They had brown hair and a blue uniform, they had the type of shoes which rich people would have.

As they stared at me I caught sight of their hands moving behind them as their mouthes curled up into a devilish smirk. Suddenly they jumped off the side of the mountain and they rushed towards me as they yelled at the same time “THE BABYSITTER IS HERE!!!”

A few minutes later I was dragging them by the scruff of their neck as they screamed and wriggled around to get out of my grip but when I folded them by their pressure point they weren’t able to move. The sticks were left behind broken and forgotten. The moment I stepped on to the staircase the door was opened by their father who had a mischievous glint in his eyes as he smiled. “I see that we have found the perfect baby sitter for those two.”

A first step for humanity, somebody realises how much useful I could be!

My mouth curled into a cold smirk. “Everything has a price, this situation is no exception.”
He kept smiling at me warmly “Of course, but how about we first put those boys back to their rooms and talk this in the living room?”

After the troublemakers were left for the housemaids we went to the living room where I saw a woman who I assumed was their mother. We sat down on the couch were I felt uncomfortably small, I wondered how people could stand huge places like this. I felt like a child, I know I’m a child, but I never acted like one.

Before we could start a conversation the woman laughed which made me look at her confusedly. “Oh, I’m sorry. I just remembered how you ‘disciplined’ my two boys.” then she sighed. “I’m not as energetic as the old days so I can’t keep up with them. They have been staying in this house with only elder people. Maybe It’s time we had someone our age in our home.” she said.

I smiled again. “I’m sorry madam, but we haven’t talked about the price yet.” I saw both of them looking at each other as if they had a surprise for me, I knew it was a ridiculous thought but I had a hunch it was something like that. “In return of you taking responsibility of our two children…” their mouths curled into a smirk “…we will make you a part of our family, in other words we will adopt you.”

I was drinking tea that one of the maids had brought when they said this and this caused me to almost drown. Adopt me? No one even took a look at me when I was in the orphanage, this was the best news of my life!

I quickly calmed down and took out my hand for shake “I accept this challenge.” I said, my voice filled with determination. The mother smiled “You better win, I’ve always wanted a daughter to have a proper lady chat.” she joked. “Then I will do my best ma’am.”


Later on I found myself reading a book to the twins who were surprisingly listening carefully.
“No one knew what happened to the woman after she disappeared, all that was left behind of her was a necklace shaped like a snake, the end.” I closed the book. One of the twins asked a question. “Was that women Medusa in disguise?” I smiled. “Not quite, her magic was able to do more than changing people into stones but then again who knows? Legends could change after time passes.” The other twin piped up. “Say, we heard that you’re a girl genius and that you’ve already finished school…” “…and that you were an orphan…””…is it hard being like that?”

I sighed “You guys don’t even know the half of it. Sometimes I would rather know nothing or at least know only a bit of information. But I doubt that would happen since you can’t change the past.” I saw they were going to ask another question I quickly answered. “I tried the time machine idea, didn’t worked and I almost died.” I said as the twins quickly closed their mouthes.

Then they asked another question. “You know, we like you a lot and we would like you as our sister.” “Yeah, we could also learn those cool moves you used against us!” I smiled. “You know, I’m not much of a talkative person so don’t blame me if I bore you out.”

“OK!” they said in unison. “But you will also have to help us out wit our pranks since you’re practically a master mind.” I smirked “Deal!”

The weekend went better then I thought it would. The woman was right when she said the twins could be nice when you got to know them. At the end of the weekend I was part of a family that I have always wished to have and this gave me the ability to prove people not to underestimate children as I had money to prove that now and I was given opportunities to work at labs but I didn’t want to leave my family behind so I turned them away politely.

Now I’m the happiest person alive.


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  2. Interesting story 🙂 Your English is quite good!

    Is there a reason why the girl couldn’t just make a lab in the basement of that huge house?

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