I Keep Going On…

I try to walk up,
Step by step,
But this staircase seems endless,
I’ve already lost a leg waking up,
Left behind,
Never able to reattach it,
But it’s impossible for to go back now,
Because at the end of this staircase,
I know I’ll find the heaven I’m looking for…

I keep going on,
Now I’ve lost my sight,
I cannot see where I step,
But no matter,
I will feel my way through,…

I keep going on,
Now I’ve lost my heart,
I don’t care,
I’ll keep going on,…

I tried going on,
I failed,
Everything feels numb,
I can’t care about it,
I should have known when to stop…

What We Are…

We are puppets,
With unseen strings God made us hold,

We are dolls,
With make-ups that are emotions,

We are lonely,
Our walls are up,

We are darkness,
Shunning others for their light,

We are despair,
Crying in our black nights,

We are human,
We live in our ignorance…

What I Would Rather See

I would rather see a world
That I hope it exists
A world within the world we see,
That is mysterious,
And peacefull…

I would rather see a world,
That is of ancient time,

Where the words, “greed”,
And “Sin” does not exist…

I would rather see a world,
Where we could survive without corrupting others,

Where there is such thing as “Magic”,
And “Balance”.

A world, I hope it exists,
A world I hope God will one day make for us,
Is what I would rather see.

If You Feel Like Pouring Down The Rain…

When you walk down the halls

Haters gonna hate

When you get close

You will be pushed away

When you stand up

You will be kicked down

If you become tired of that,

Rip out your memories,

Throw them in to the burning fire

Turn your back and let it burn

Before you feel like pouring down the rain

Never show them your true face

Never care about the **** you have to take from them

Just walk away

Just walk away

And never look back

‘Cause you don’t want to see them

Never make a ‘nobody’ a ‘somebody’

Because you will get NOTHING in return

Never pull down the walls,

Don’t ever think about moving them a inch

‘Cause between them will be your only safety

Never smile

Never cry

Just be stone

Until the day you die…


Wow, that was kind of depressing…

I even felt like crying myself…

Today the sky seemed a bit gloomy and I was listening to this new song called ‘Live Like a Warrior’ Nightcore version, and I said to myself ‘Irem, you just got yourself a idea, now you’re gonna go and write that poem.’

And sit turned out like this.

Hope you guys like it!!!

My Favourite Songs!!!

Don’t you dare forget the sun by Get Scared

Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez

Black Paper moon by Tommy heavenly6’s (Used as Soul Eater’s opening song)

Resonance by T.M.Revolution (Used as Soul Eater’s opening song)

0.00 A.M. by Acid (Used as Tokyo Majin’s opening song)

“Prayer” by Acid (Used as Tokyo Majin’s opening song)