~Can You Tell Me?~

Hey boy,

Do you know if it’s possible for me to smile?

If you do can you tell me how?

You’re optimistic,

And I’m the opposite,

Despite that you keep coming back to my side,

Trying to fix the broken light of my realm,

I’m not saying that I’m “unhappy”,

I just can’t see why you would bother with me,

Trying to teach me how to fly,

Taking me to new places,

Buying me popsicles,

Making me happy inside…

I’m sorry,

It just scares me,

The idea of getting attached to you…

I’m just scared that one day you’ll stop,

And I will go back to being lonely again,

Only this time hurting much worse,

Can you tell if you’ll do that?

Can you tell me why you try to make me smile?

Can you tell me?

Can you tell me?



Can you tell me if this bought tears in to your eyes?

I was making up some kind of love story in my head with imaginary characters when I came up with this. Originally I was thinking of making a love song, but then I thought that it sounded too stupid.

So I made it onto a poem.

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